A Few Suggestions

The hardest step in a journey is often the first. Here are a few suggestions to help you on your way.

Remember that SourceGen works by tracing through code from marked start points, rather than treating everything as code and requiring you to mark all the data items. Begin each project by finding the code. Identify external entry points, format tables of addresses, and find JSRs that are followed by inline data. Use an extension script to handle the inlines so you won't keep tripping over them. If parts of the program are relocated to a different address, set the appropriate address overrides.

Code start tags are rarely needed, and code end tags are almost never needed. You shouldn't have to spend a lot of time manually tagging things. If a piece of code isn't being found, it's usually best to figure out why the code that calls it isn't being found, instead of trying to tag it and forge ahead from that point. It might be dead code that's never called, or it might be called from a table that you can format to add code entry tags for multiple addresses with a single operation. Taking the time to find the table and format it is faster than hand-formatting dozens of little handlers, and it's something you'll need to do eventually anyway.

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